Elevate Your Employer Brand with Video

What Makes Us Different?

Use impactful videos where your key employees and talent perform exceptionally in front of the camera and in front of your target audience. Benefit from our successful and proven interview approach at the Start BG Podcast.

Stand out with a dedicated employer branding video team that knows how to deliver unique content on time within budget. Create content that attracts the kind of applicants you’re after.

Share employer branding video content regularly on social media, your career page and different job board portals such as DEV.BG, jobs.bg and Glassdoor.

Reach Top-Notch Talent with Impactful Video Recruitment Content and Employee Stories


Share stories of how your employees live the company values


Showcase why your employees choose to work in your company with EVP recruitment video content.


Make your leadership team relatable and human with stories about their challenges and career journey.


Show an insider view of the job role and team function with employee story videos.


Illustrate career development paths and opportunities with growth story videos. 


Promote hiring initiative video stories with a different focus: women in tech, apprenticeships, engineering.

Employer Brand Video Production Process In 3 Simple Steps

1. Pre-Production Includes

Discovery Call
Employer Branding Video Strategy
Employer Branding Video Objectives
Video Content Deliverables/Formats
Creative Video Treatment Ideas/Storyboarding
Key Talent Selection
Corporate Video Scripting/Interview Questions
Licensed Music Sourcing
Production Planning/Logistics
Video Participant Preparation
Viral Marketing Video Campaign

2. Production Includes

Video Production Crew Arrive Early To Set Up Cameras/Lighting/Sound
Video Production Team Make Participants Feel At Ease
Video Producer/Director Conducts Interview
Capture B-Roll Footage From Your Office

3. Post Production Includes

After Effects
Motion Graphics/Animation
Colour Grading
Client Reviews
3 Video Formats/Versions
Viral Marketing Campaign Setup
Video Shorts
Blog Post

Reasons Why You Should Invest In Recruitment Video
Production Content

1. Reach passive candidates on social media who are not actively looking with paid video ads

2. Recruitment video production is your best way to communicate your company story and employee value proposition in a personal way and at a scale.

3. As videos are available 24/7, so your target employee personas can watch your employer’s brand video content at a time that suits them.

4. Take control of your narrative and embed your videos onto platforms such as DEV.BG, Glassdoor and others, as well as social media.

5. Reduces time to hire by helping to build a pipeline of qualified candidates.

6. Spend less time sifting through poor applications.

Employer Brand Video Production

Key Talent Video Interviews
Company Culture Discovery
Top Office Location Discovery and Footage
Thorough Interview Preparation
Relax-in-front-of-camera approach
Powerful Editing
Graphic Design in your Brand Style


Viral Marketing Campaign
Turn the video series into a podcast
1 Blog Post
1 Video Short (1-minute promo version)
3 Video Sizes/Formats/Versions
Bulgarian and English Subtitles/Captions

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